More Public Comments on the Regeneration of
Bognor Regis

I viewed the sir Richard Hotham Project exhibition which was both visionary and inspirational. This planning application far exceeds anything I have seen to date for Bognor Regis and I find it hard to imagine a better one.10/10
Important aspect: “Raising the profile of Bognor Regis”
M. Karn-Smith, Bognor Regis
We have waited for years for something like this. This MUST go forward for the sake of Bognor Regis and its future.
Important aspect: “Raising the profile of Bognor Regis”
E. Anderson, Bognor Regis
I think the Sir Richard Hotham project will be great for the culture side of Bognor, great for employment opportunities and also great for the residents of Bognor Regis.
F. Chitima, Bognor Regis

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I am in favour of your project as it is the only fully funded option. As a true Bognorian of 64 years I have seen many plans to re generate the town since the 60’s and none of them have been implemented and as a result Bognor is the subject of much abuse and comment. Arun District Council should have the guts to go ahead with your project as no one project will meet all of the requirements for all of the interested groups. Better to do something, than nothing. Perhaps we might applaud their decision making.
M Shawyer, PO21
This needs to happen! Major investment is required urgently, for too long has the town been limped along on life support. These plans are most sensible, realistic and exciting strategy I’ve seen proposed. I don’t believe Arun should turn this down as the plans support so many key policies and principles, not just for the district but for the town itself. Best of luck and well done on the hard work so far.
D Keet, BN17
I have been coming to Bognor since a child and its never been a particularly welcoming place but has so much potential, being it by the sea. It would be so nice to see Bognor come up in the world and give so many more job opportunities for people. Being by the sea is an important place to be especially for those that want to escape city life even for a few hours, so making it welcoming is very important.:)
J Barale, PO20
“Fantastic, the sooner the better. This can only help the town and make it an attractive place to visit. The new development will create job opportunities as well as potentially attract new business to the area. 120% Behind this!!!”
M Voigt, PO22
Having lived in Bognor for most of my life I think this is the most fantastic thing to happen to the town and seafront area and I wish everybody concerned with the project good luck and I really hope it happens for the sake of the town and all who live there.
A McGregor, LD1
“I believe this project will breath life back into Bognor Regis…..
We need to act now and we should therefore support this project and demand positive action from our local council. ”
C Brock, PO22
I fully support this plan – Bognor is really in need of this and has a lot to offer with a bit of TLC which the town clearly lacks.
J Connolly, BN3
Its about time that Bognor Regis moved forward and began to update.
K Reed, PO21
What a great project!! Finally Bognor will get what it deserves, an upgrade to be great again!!
C Furness, BN12
Just what Bognor needs right now as its so run down along the sea front not what we wont visitors to see, most of all we want Bognor to flourish for the people who live in the area i think the marina should be reconsidered as this is our best asset the sea with restaurants, shops, small bars,this i feel would bring in large investment into the town.we need to stop the mentality of charity shops and phone shops and get back the large retailers.
N Underwood, PO21
This is a most welcome development that will enhance the image of Bognor Regis for decades to come. I am an enthusiastic supporter as I am tired of the poor quality of certain aspects of the seafront. The development will also enhance tourism and the economic benefits will be considerable. There will also be great social and cultural benefits. In particular, the addition of a stylish restaurant will be a boost for both residents and visitors.
M Hitchcock, PO21
I have lived in Bognor Regis all my life, watched the town go from a bustling seaside town 50s/60s to a sad looking town on a down wood spiral .other seaside towns see this coming and there councils acted , sadly ours never (you often here Dover for the continent and Bognor for the incontinent ) true !.we need regeneration, this project will give us back our bustling seaside town. please, please let’s give our children and grandchildren something to be proud of.
A Balchin, PO22
Shocked at the blinkered decision of the Council to reject this proposal in favour of their ‘own’ piecemeal approach which will do nothing to promote the prosperity and economic future of the District. Student accommodation is an issue foe the University and not local taxpayers.
M O'Brien, PO22
Many of the regeneration projects proposed before have been for lots of residential property with the hope of adding a few developments for the community if budgets allow. This is far more encouraging, as the community as a whole seem to be at the heart of the regeneration.
M Gordon, PO21
“I think the plan is a good one and Bognor Regis needs it.
The Alexandra Theatre is a lovely building but it is too small. We need the proposed larger theatre which would not only attract west end shows and symphony orchestras, but also more people to Bognor both day and night.”
L Peplow, PO22
This desperately needs to go ahead and the ball needs to start rolling now. My parents retired here in 1988 and died never seeing this major regeneration but only hearing the constant procrastinating.
J Vermeiren, PO21
Modern buildings sensitively designed to blend with the existing town. Well done! x
S Stevenson, PO21
Great inspirational project bringing welcome change and regeneration to Bognor Regis offering exciting changes which provides jobs housing and leisure for visitors, tourists and local residents.
D Meagher, PO22
Xcellent. Looks like just what is needed
S Carson, PO22
Best proposal I’ve seen. The town desperately needs something like this to regenerate the area.
D Parsons, PO22
The plans look fantastic and will really revive the area
D Newton, PO10
An inspirational project for our beloved town. There has been a recent mini resurgence for the area with leading businesses successfully redeveloping and new businesses opening, but this will need to continue on a much larger scale to ensure a positive economic future for Bognor and our next generation. Well done to all those involved and best wishes with moving the project forward.
C Winkworth, PO21
“Finally a plan that makes sense. Lets make the most of Bognor’s finest asset the sea! We need a reason for people to come to Bognor – that is a venue to see quality entertainment (theatre) and the ability to enjoy the coast. We do not need another cinema or bowling venue we need quality shopping outlets, restaurants and play grounds. Not only will it attract visitors but hopefully encourage employers and also quality employees along with teachers and nurses. ”
J Donoghue, PO21
“This is a great opportunity to fill the gap of regeneration in an area that so needs it. It would be wonderful to put Bognor on the map as a must place to visit, in addition to places like Butlins. With a beautiful seafront we need to showcase Bognor. I believe this project will do that.
It has my support.”
T Franklin, PO20
Bognor is nice but it’s getting tired… with the regeneration of Bognor could be one of the best towns in the country
J Burns, PO20
This regeneration programme would totally put Bognor Regis back on the map and help boost the local community
C Myler, PO21
This would be amazing if it is to happen. People will start putting their money back into Bognor Regis. It’s crying out for this.
S Holland, PO22
Excellent proposal, particularly the theatre and hotel. Exactly what Bognor needs.
Important aspect: “Raising the profile of Bognor Regis”
T. Peffer, Middleton-on-Sea
Massive support for the project, all round self-funding. No huge amounts owing by rate payers!
Important aspect: “Raising the profile of Bognor Regis”
B. Brooks, Aldwick
All looks great and would be good for Bognor Regis, needs to happen a.s.a.p.!
Important aspect: “Raising the profile of Bognor Regis”
D. Reid, Bognor Regis
This would be amazing for our town.
A Strudwick, PO21
If the council do one thing for this town, please let it be granting planning permission for this project!
W Power, PO21
This town was beautiful when i was a child … Lets put it back on the map !
D Hackman, PO20
I support this proposed redevelopment, which will enhance the Town. The theatre could provide a wide range of entertainment and could attract business and opportunity with perhaps a major symphony orchestra locating here, which will enhance job prospects and income for the community as a whole. I would ask the Council to act in the interests of the town for once.
P Zacal, PO21
This regeneration project has the potential to achieve a successful revitalisation of Bognor Regis. There is no doubt that Bognor seafront and the Hothampton site do need a major overhaul in order to attract visitors and new residents to the town. The ideas in this project are realistic and achievable, and have been carefully thought through and the finance and other backing required have already been sourced. I feel that Arun District Council should give this project its full support to enable it to progress as soon as possible.
P & S Brow, PO21
As a resident of this town for nearly seven decades I see this project the best and the most viable of all the many plans I have witnessed over the years. I truly believe if this fails to get passed this town will be doomed. I have looked at the work that this company has done here eg. Norfolk Mews…and I am more than happy and confident with plan ,this is the only way forward….I truly wish this project nevertheless good wish in the hope it saves the town I love.
M Herting, PO21
“Bognor has been a well known town for many many years, lately it’s more like a ghost town or a town with an awful reputation that people try to avoid. Shops & bars are closing and locals are moving. We need this development to get Bognor Regis back on the map! ”
E Forrestal, PO22
We need to get Sunny Bognor out of the Doom and Gloom and make it a place where all ages want to be
C Bidwell, PO21
“I am very impressed by the proposed plans for the boardwalk, esplanade restaurant and theatre. This will put Bognor Regis on a par with several successful developments along the south coast and bring much needed revenue to the area. For the sake of Bognor’s future the council cannot possibly refuse permission for this forward thinking and totally necessary regeneration.”
A Brooks, PO21
Coming from a background in the property sector in Brighton, I have only seen positive effects from projects such as these going ahead. I think its a brilliant idea and would be a certain improvement to the area!
S Bubloz, PO21
Massively behind this can only be positive for the town. It’s about time we spent some money let’s put Bognor back on the map
M Livermore, PO22
“When can you start ? Tomorrow ?
It looks amazing and will benefit Bognor Regis and local areas I do hope you persist and get this job done you have my support 100 percent I will forward this website to friends and family and I do hope you advertise this website in the media ”
P Shelley, PO21
For me personally I think a load of money being pumped into bognor would a fantastic idea not only for us but tourists too bognor is lovely town and with this kick start regeneration programme would only entice further jobs and developments for Bognor people I’m all for it .
R Collins, PO22
Fully support sir Richard Hotham Project.i feel it will make a real difference to Bognor and attract visitors to the town especially the new theatre which from the drawings looks really stylish and would modernise that part of the town which is in great need of improvement .please don’t miss the chance to put Bognor on the map something the majority of residents are fully in favour of.
D Squires, PO21
This scheme is completely different to anything else we have been offered in Bognor over the last few decades. The proposed buildings are elegant, but also practical and would provide jobs as well as plenty of things to do and pleasant surroundings for local people and holidaymakers alike. We will not get another chance like this.
S Kidd, PO21
What a fantastic idea and not before time an area that is crying out for investment of this kind.

G Grove, ME19
The plans look fantastic, they will put Bognor Regis back on the map and provide employment for local people.
P Dibley, PO21
This project looks brilliant with all aspects covered for all the community and long overdue!

V Sheppard, PO21
Having known Bognor for the past 50 years, and now living here permanently since last December, my husband and I were absolutely delighted to see your proposed project for the long awaited, and very much needed, regeneration plan. It provides everything needed in a sympathetic style and would bring much kudos to the town upgrading it from a somewhat shabby seaside destination into a well respected resort. We wish you every success in this venture and cannot fail to see why the town council would even delay in supporting this wonderful opportunity, especially since no public funding is required! Great job and long may you succeed!!!!!~

L Parkes, PO21
I think the Sir Richard Hotham Project is long overdue. These are Our own people wanting to give life back to our town. I think they have excellent ideas and it would be most welcomed, especially for the towns people, as there would be jobs and more entertainment. I grew up here in the early seventies, and the seafront used to be buzzing, We spent our childhood down there. There was always something to do. Punch and Judy, cafes and amusements. . I say good for them and hope it happens.
Y Benham, PO21
“I would like show my support to this great scheme, it would really improve Bognor as a whole providing quality entertainment and would be somewhere to go for the whole family.
With the current regeneration of Bognor we are seeing big brands coming to the town this project would fit perfectly and become the heart of the town – it really does provide something for everyone! The Regis is poor, let us have something good!!”
B Knowles, PO21
“As an estate agent covering the south coast of England, it seems obvious that this regeneration project will bring much needed investment to the town. Simply visit Gunwharf on a Saturday afternoon or an evening to see the trade which goes on whilst Bognor is relatively closed for business.
This regeneration has been anticipated for many years and now is the time to move forward with these proposals which will make our town prosper.
The other option to create student lodging will bring not wealth to the town but the opposite.”

E Head, PO21
“Thank you for keeping me informed of the plans for Bognor Regis. I was most impressed with your presentation attended by my wife and myself back in January, and my support of your concept continues. You obviously cannot please all of the people all of the time, but the general idea and design has much to commend it.
The only comment I make, not being from the commercial world, is why do these things take so long? I appreciate there must be due consultation, but the numerous, often overlapping and frequently competing local administrations of parish councils, local councils, county councils, various planning committees etc, would cause me to have a mental breakdown!
You have my total admiration but I would not blame you if you took your funding and went somewhere where you received a more favourable ‘can do’ response.
Sorry – rant over! Good Luck and I for one, appreciate your efforts. ”
S Harrison, PO21
“I have lived in Bognor for 30 years and have properties that i rent out to local families.
I left Bognor because of the way the town was heading with shops closing down, lack of work etc. Bognor needs a serious development to bring the town into competing with other holiday towns. We all hear about the jokes that outsiders say about Bognor, let’s stop these jokes by turning the town into somewhere people want to live.
If this happened, then I would consider moving back and possibly bringing employment to the area. ”

D Taylor, BN1
You have my 100% support for this project. Bognor has been slowly declining over the years and it is now a place i choose to avoid. This regeneration looks stunning! Really in keeping with the beautiful historical style of a sea side town and one which would once again befit the name ‘Regis’ and would bring so many people to the area.

A Guy, PO19
“Thank you for keeping me updated, the proposals look great and will bring some much needed life attractiveness to the town. Well done.”
K Jones, PO21
This is exactly what the Town requires. To attract people to the local area for a days shopping or an evening of top class entertainment can only help to give the Towns image a much needed boost!! The sooner it is agreed the better!!

J Traynor, PO21

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